Collection: New Mama Giftboxes

Let's face it. Being a new mum probably isn't the most glamorous feeling for alot of mums. You're exhausted. You ache, you're leaking, hormonal. You're either feeding on demand, or hourly bottle feeding whilst somehow trying to get some sleep, keep the house tidy, and work out how to keep this tiny human happy as well as maintaining a resemblance of a normal life. As a new mum myself I'd have been thrilled to receive any of these essentials to make life easier with a little one in toe, or make yourself feel a little more human. Self care is super important and probably one of the things most often overlooked by a new mum because there's a 100 other things. We'll have some snuggly socks, gorgeous and super soft headbands for easy hair styling available soon. Looking for something in particular ping us a message and we'll see if one of our talented brands can help.