About Us

Eco Baby Box - Who Are We?  

The birth of Eco Baby Box was in 2019, pretty much the time I found out I was going to be a mum. So, although we look like the new kid on the block, it's been slowly piecing itself together behind the scenes.

I wear many hats! But, by far my favourite is being a mum to a cheeky little munchkin we call Nugget (first craving) 

A little about my experience: - I've previously managed an ecommerce store, been employed as a manager in two third party logistics companies, and, before I went back to education, I was a Service Delivery supervisor for a waste management company. That, alongside a general desire to do my bit and give back, has brought this all to life 

Karl is a self-employed Carpenter and Joiner by trade in East Devon. Although he worked for a number of years for other people, he took the decision to go self-employed January 2020, when he established @elitecarpentry. Joinery.


Even with Elite Carpentry & Joinery taking off, he's been a very important part of this journey and is hugely involved behind the scenes. - whether this is helping to design the boxes or getting creative with photography and displays.

Our office is based in Exeter, Devon but most of your lovely orders are fufilled from Ottery St Mary - A Lovely Town and Civil Parish in the East Devon district.

Nugget is now ten months old. He can pull himself into a standing position and hold himself there, crawling at speed towards anything that is remotely reachable – including our cat Ariel, who seems to like the extra fuss.

Can say:
Muma, dada, nana, baba-Bottle or juice, mu mu - more, ooh - poo,
Shows frustration through a scrunched up face and sometimes plays this card and giggles to get attention.

Sitting on his heels, making sucking noises and waving. Clapping, trying to eat his feet, bubbles, bath time and splashing, playing with his wooden play kitchen, crawling, standing, feeding himself, playing peekaboo, chase - either us chasing him or him chasing us - to get to a toy or object. Clapping games, destroying towers we build, taking everything out of boxes (his boxes), stroking different textures, feeling our teeth as he's just got his first. Animals, so feeding the ducks is something we make time for, swings, slides, ride on toys, exploring everything by hand.

He’s a dribble monster who plays rough, so he’s the ideal tester and model to put the products through their paces.