About Us

Eco Baby Box - Who Are We?  

The birth of Eco Baby Box was in 2019, pretty much the time I found out I was going to be a mum. So, although we look like the new kid on the block, it's been slowly piecing itself together behind the scenes.

I wear many hats! But, by far my favourite is being a mum to a cheeky little munchkin we call Nugget (first craving) 

A little about my experience: - I've previously managed an ecommerce store, been employed as a manager in two third party logistics companies, and, before I went back to University, I was a Service Delivery supervisor for a waste management company. That, alongside a general desire to do my bit and give back, has brought this all to life 

Karl is a self-employed Carpenter and Joiner by trade in East Devon. Although he worked for a number of years for other people, he took the decision to go self-employed January 2020, when he established @elitecarpentry. Joinery.


Even with Elite Carpentry & Joinery taking off, he's been a very important part of this journey and is hugely involved behind the scenes. - whether this is helping to design the boxes or getting creative with photography and displays and most recently working with me too install our beautiful shop furniture 

Our shop is based in Ottery St Mary a small town in East Devon where we wrap up and dispatch your beautiful orders. 


Is now seventeen months old and is my helper at the shop three days a week. (best customer service I could ask for) 

He often plays amongst the kids who come in and use our play room / play pen and if you visit he will tell you aaall about it... give you his cheeky smile and wicked laugh and may even give you a wave if he isn't too tired. 

Clapping, bashing items, pretend play such as making tea, cooking on the bbq, playing with his play kitchen. Drawing using crayons on paper, cars and making brum sounds. Puzzles, playing tidy up, clapping along to nursery rhymes. Reading stories and turning the pages. Dancing to music, playing games such as hiding toys, peekaboo. 

He’s a dribble monster who plays rough, so he’s the ideal tester and model to put the products through their paces. The brands we've chosen are because they are affordable, soft on gentle skin, stretch to allow a growing baby /toddler the freedom to move without restrictions, wash up easily each time, easy to style, perfect for dribbly babies and able to withstand rough play.